The alpha and omega of quality and proper treatment is in a method of peeling sunflower seeds. For shelling and sorting the seeds, competitors mostly use sifter machines, while the problem with this technology is a huge grease and oil content, causing clogging of the sifter. Our company, PROFINEX FOOD, is using only cutting edge peelers available. These are beyond the usual standard, not only among Slovak companies. Just like any other process, husking sunflower consists of several phases. Let's take a look together on the most important processes that take place in processing of sunflowers. "

  • sunflower is first properly prepared and sorted in order to get rid of the poor quality pieces
  • impact-peeling of sunflowers.
  • peeling of sunflowers from husks and other potential contaminants.

We sort out seeds based on their size and separate unpeeled seed.


In the production process we use the cutting edge color sorters which separate impurities. In order to achieve absolute quality, we also have X-ray detector and metal detector whose task is to separate all non-homogeneous items by X-rays. Our technological equipment is on cutting edge of technology in Europe.

Topoľčany is the leader of sunflower seeds production thanks to our production facility. PROFINEX FOOD seeks absolute quality and efficiency in all technology used. The manufacturing process we created with great care, ranks among the most modern in Europe and the entire production process is strictly monitored and controlled. Our factory comply with the standard FSSC 22000, IFS Food v. 6, BRC Food. v 6, GMP + and we also comply with rules for the production of organic food.

The production process begins by purchasing ingredients, which is controlled by strict internal criteria of our company. We choose them according to the rigorous physical and chemical parameters. Absolute quality is guaranteed by the laboratory, where workers are professionally trained to recognize rigorously the highest quality ingredients. When the organic material arrives to our company, we store it separately in series. All this is done in certified warehouses in order to be able to back trace all the millimeters. What processes we use in production to meet your organic seeds expectations?

Cleaning and sorting of sunflowers - is a fully automatic process that works with high efficiency. We achieve this mainly through the use of modern and efficient machines. In the process, the ingredients are cleaned of impurities, and are sorted according to the seed size. This fully optimizes the process of peeling the seeds.

Sunflower seeds peeling and separating husks - in modern times we need latest technology. This is exactly the way we think about the seed-scrub separation. Our machines work automatically and their role is not only to work with absolute efficiency, but also with minimal waste. Regular inspection of seeds during the whole production process as well as on its output, ensures that the customer receives the most delicious taste, purity and the highest quality seeds, meeting the most stringent criteria. Our quality is consistently high at all times.

Sorting and separation of seed fragments - did you know that peeled sunflower seeds are selected and sorted by size into two categories? The process that takes place here is fully automated, and so obviously that the level of processing is at the highest possible level. Seed fractions are fairly separated, sorted and freed of particles smaller than two millimeters.

Packaging and storage - in our warehouses, we pride ourselves on absolute purity. The premises for the storage of finished and packaged products is maintained year round constant temperature (20 ° C) and ideal humidity. Here the product of unmistakable quality and taste take origin. All this is achieved by high standards in which we pride ourselves, and through which we bring a healthy and delicious sunflower seeds to your table. Also thanks to our products you will find that organic foods are tasty and healthy at the same time.


We are proudly in compliance with all the rules relating to organic farming and processing of organic commodities (organic farming) in our production of seeds. We do not use any genetically modified commodities and we maintain biodiversity in surrounding areas. We support everything that makes our good Mother Nature prosper. While products can be produced in healthy and sound manner, why not take advantage of this possibility? Our products taste subtly and naturally thanks to careful organic approach. In order to be labeled as organic food, we have to stick to the strictest quality criteria and production processes.